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Amsterdam gourmet destination
28 Oct
Amsterdam, an unexpected gourmet destination

Amsterdam is a city with real gastronomic potential. Beyond its numerous multi-cultural and gourmet restaurants, it has small culinary gems that deserve our attention (and tasting!) ...

dancing europe unique tours factory blog
07 Oct
5 capitals for dancing this winter

This winter "let's dance" with 5 major festivals in 5 European capitals that will set the pace with dances, shows and other dancing activities...

best destinations halloween unique tours factory
05 Oct
The 4 best European cities to celebrate Halloween

An American tradition born in the 1800s, Halloween has since made ​​its way across the Atlantic ocean. To immerse into its festive and mystical atmosphere, here are 4 destinations with the perfect setting...

week of taste unique tours factory
28 Sep
The Week of Taste, a major gastronomic event in France

From 10th to 16th October 2016, France will host the 27th edition of the Week of Taste. Created in 1990 thanks to the initiative of the food writer Jean-Luc Petitrenaud, it has since become an unmissable event...

amsterdam cheese capital
23 Sep
Amsterdam, cheese capital

In Holland, cheese is eaten at any time, especially in Amsterdam, the capital surrounded by small farming villages where the cheese production is important...

Barcelona Mercè festival
05 Sep
The Mercè: Barcelona’s emblematic festival

Each year, the beautiful city of Barcelona ignites upon the sound of drums, shows, treasure hunts and other traditional festivities: it's the time of the Mercè festival!...

27 Aug
Top 4 destinations for September

If the month of September is usually synonymous with the return to work, it is also associated with festivities and innovations. Here are 4 dynamic capitals planning to turn September into a magical month...

19 Aug
10 reasons to visit Amsterdam

Historical capital listed at the UNESCO world heritage, the beautiful city of Amsterdam is constantly reinventing itself. Whether summer or winter, there is always something to do. If the list of activities is endless, here are 10 compelling reasons to visit it!...

Rome, capitale aux milles églises
22 Jul
Rome, capital of a thousand churches

Today, there are hundreds and hundreds adorning the Italian capital, architectural jewels, but also exhibition areas where the greatest artists have created works left...

7 reasons to visit Portugal
15 Jul
7 reasons to visit Portugal

After his victory over the French at Euro 2016, Portugal is celebrating! Here are 7 reasons to visit this generous country full of treasures...

wimbledon 2016
02 Jul
7 things to know about Wimbledon 2016

Since June 27th, London hosts the prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament located in the eponymous neighborhood where the best world rackets are competing...