Schonbrunn Palace Vienna
09 Dec
Vienna hosts the 2016 Ball Season

Each winter, Vienna welcomes the Ball Season: orchestras, magnificent ballrooms, beautiful gowns and waltzes all night long...

11 Nov
6 Beautiful Christmas Traditions in Europe

The Christmas period always goes hand in hand with festivity and celebration. While the Christmas tree, gifts and meals are well-recognised international rituals, other traditions are country-specific: drinks, food, gifts and many more...

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07 Oct
5 capitals for dancing this winter

This winter "let's dance" with 5 major festivals in 5 European capitals that will set the pace with dances, shows and other dancing activities...

27 Aug
Top 4 destinations for September

If the month of September is usually synonymous with the return to work, it is also associated with festivities and innovations. Here are 4 dynamic capitals planning to turn September into a magical month...

Vienna coffee UNESCO
27 Apr
The Viennese coffee, UNESCO Intangible Heritage

Since November 10, 2011, the Viennese cafés are included in the list of the UNESCO Intangible Heritage which they are described as places "where time and space are consumed, while only the coffee is on the bill"...

Schonbrunn Palace Vienna
12 Apr
Vienna, eternal imperial city

Real city-museum, Vienna is proud of its imperial decor, symbol of 6 centuries of the Habsburg's reign...

Unique Tours Factory
25 Feb
Klimt, Art Nouveau precursor in Vienna

Genius painter, Gustav Klimt contributed particularly to the development of Viennese art from the late 19th century, until the early years of Expressionism...

Vienna capital Music
09 Dec
Celebrate and breathe music in Vienna

World capital of classical music, Vienna has a rich historical heritage. Discover it following the footsteps of his geniuses such as Mozart, Schubert...