masks in venise
27 Jan
The masks of Venice: an ancestral tradition

Between illusion, fantasy and truth, masks are nowadays symbols of the Venetian carnival. Here is a festive immersion in one of the finest traditions of Italy...

Venice islands unique tours factory blog
13 Jan
The most beautiful islands in the Venetian Lagoon

The charming Venetian islands which have preserved their traditional customs, are located just a few minutes away by public Vaporetto or private boat. Discover the 4 most beautiful: ...

best destinations halloween unique tours factory
05 Oct
The 4 best European cities to celebrate Halloween

An American tradition born in the 1800s, Halloween has since made ​​its way across the Atlantic ocean. To immerse into its festive and mystical atmosphere, here are 4 destinations with the perfect setting...

10 Sep
Interview with Deborah, guide in Venice

Deborah is one of our guides in Venice and its surroundings. Her tours show the real Venice, far from the touristic paths and closer from the people who make the city existing since centuries...

16 May
4 must-see european getaways for spring

Just a few steps away for their capital, some beautiful little town have everything to please you. Discover our selection of the 4 best getaways nearby Lisbon, Venice, Paris and Amsterdam...

Unique Tours Factory
01 Apr
The Venetian cuisine and its ancient traditions

Since centuries, Venice takes pride of its many traditions preserved by its inhabitants. The gastronomy is one of them. Probably because its long history is intimately linked to its orientation towards the sea...