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14 Oct
The best jazz festivals in autumn

Each year, many European cities celebrate jazz music with major festivals, paying tribute to this versatile and international music genre for a week, a month or several months. Here are the 4 best jazz festivals in the fall 2016...

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05 Oct
The 4 best European cities to celebrate Halloween

An American tradition born in the 1800s, Halloween has since made ​​its way across the Atlantic ocean. To immerse into its festive and mystical atmosphere, here are 4 destinations with the perfect setting...

27 Aug
Top 4 destinations for September

If the month of September is usually synonymous with the return to work, it is also associated with festivities and innovations. Here are 4 dynamic capitals planning to turn September into a magical month...

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26 Feb
Prague, eternal music capital

Considered the conservatory of Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, Prague saw many musical talents grow and prosper over time...

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10 Dec
Prague, cradle of the arts

Prague today shines through many artistic influences which have shaped it through the centuries, and continue to expand. Ready for an artistic trip?...