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Vienna coffee UNESCO
27 Apr
The Viennese coffee, UNESCO Intangible Heritage

Since November 10, 2011, the Viennese cafés are included in the list of the UNESCO Intangible Heritage which they are described as places "where time and space are consumed, while only the coffee is on the bill"...

Vineyards in the Valley of the River Douro, Portugal
21 Apr
Portugal, eternal kingdom of wine

Introduced by the Greeks and Romans in ancient times, wine has gradually developed over the centuries, today offering a wide variety of different grape varieties spread over several regions...

Unique Tours Factory
01 Apr
The Venetian cuisine and its ancient traditions

Since centuries, Venice takes pride of its many traditions preserved by its inhabitants. The gastronomy is one of them. Probably because its long history is intimately linked to its orientation towards the sea...

Unique Tours factory
15 Jan
Lyon, capital of French gastronomy

Since Lyon was baptised the world capital of gastronomy in 1935, the birthplace of famous chef Paul Bocuse has become the leading destination for all gourmets...

Tapas Madrid
23 Dec
Tapas, gourmet emblems of Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain but not only! It is also the capital of the tapa, culinary specialty and true art of living of the Iberian country...

London capital chocolate
08 Dec
London, secret capital of chocolate

For fine chocolate lovers, London is a paradise with hundred of chocolate houses vying creativity to delight the senses. Ready for a gourmet visit?...