Discover the best markets in London

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30 Mar 2016

Discover the best markets in London

Cosmopolite, vibrant, and extremely rich culturally, London is a city where you never get bored. There are still thousands of things to do and discover. And London has something all other European capitals are jealous of: its incredible Markets! Flea Markets, food markets, antiques markets, art objects markets, clothing markets, vintage ect… There are more than 80!

However, here are the 5 markets in London not to be missed:

Portobello Market

Made famous by the movie Notting Hill, the Portobello neighborhood alone is a film set. The mixture of colors, culture, and communities, makes this market visually beautiful.

Every Saturday morning, traders get up at dawn and prepare their stands meticulously along the Portobello street, ready to proudly display unusual items from the past that may find place on the chimney of a passionate local, or in the suitcase of a nostalgic traveler.

Nota bene: do not forget to visit the small shops in the background of the stands: they are also full of treasures between food, ready-to-wear original articles, and books of all kinds.

Borough Market

Located near Tower Bridge, the Tate and the Shakespeare Theatre, Borough Market is a delightful place where you can discover all kinds food came from England and around the world, from the egg of ostrich in the moray, through the organic and artisanal food.

If many locals go there every week, a large majority of people just like to go to hang out and indulge in mouth-watering.

Tip: While strolling among the stalls, do not hesitate to taste the honey, cheese and tapas. The tasting is free and abundant! The weekend in the organic part of the market, you will witness many events such as traditional dances, mini-concerts, rooster races, drawing for children, open-air theater… And if you feel like having your lunch there, you can you seat on the trendy crate recycled wood tables trimmed with flowers.

Covent Garden

In the heart of London near the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden market is located in the square of the same name. Former point of fruits and vegetables trade in the Victorian era, this charming market is today home to many shops filled with typical English crafts and souvenirs: clothing, food, jewelry, teas, decoration ect… You  will also find excellent cupcakes and cookies.

Day or night, Covent Garden is a lively place where you will enjoy listening to classic outdoor music concerts, and see tightrope walkers, jugglers, and puppeteers bend over backwards to please the curiosity of the visitors.

Brick Lane

Located near Liverpool Street, Brick Lane is undoubtedly the vintage lovers market. To the ear, its name evokes something authentic and it’s true that in the Brick Lane area, every object, every accessory, and every piece of fabric seems to be unique and the witness of a long history.

In this bohemian flea market, you can find Chanel sunglasses from the 60s, crazy old cameras, strange items whose meaning remains a mystery, old phones, and many other things…

On site, take a break by enjoying a game of chess with the locals, or listening to the musicians lining the walls tattooed with street art.

Spitalfields market

Close to Brick Lane, another market is worth the look! Set in a large warehouse, Spitalfields is a mixture of flea market, designer market, art gallery and gourmet market.

Design accessories, tables, fair trade, food from around the world to enjoy on the go, old posters, CDs… Everyone can find something in this western souk.

Nearby stands create a dimension conducive to discussion and animation. You will love getting lost looking for a little something to eat, a bauble to bring, an unusual subject to review or an artwork to admire…

And now, just one last tip: do not fill your suitcase too much when going to London!



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