Private guides in Barcelona

Private guides in Barcelona

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Marwa and Rowan, private and professional local guides in Barcelona

Marwa and Rowan, private guides for Unique Tours Factory

tour, food, barcelona, gastronomy, flavours, spain
Anglais/English, Espagnol/Spanish, Français/French
Rowan and Marwa are a couple of professional guides in Barcelona. Rowan was born in Ireland and Marwa has Egyptian roots.. They travelled the world, discovering the culture and story that lie beneath local cuisines until they fell in love with Barcelona and its gastronomy few years ago. As their passion for the Catalan capital continued to grow, they decided to found a food experience company to show this vibrant city through its exquisite cuisine. With them or their other foodie colleagues (Blanca, Lili and Hope), discover the authentic Barcelona and its historical secrets while enjoying mouth-watering specialties during exclusive walking tours. Follow them off the beaten track and learn about wine, cava and vermouth. Then, trust them and indulge in some freshly made tapas in family-owned bodegas. And while you challenge your tastes buds with thousand flavors, learn about the city, the architecture and the history. Enjoy seeing Barcelona as you eat and drink your way through the city. more
Marina, private and professional local guide in Barcelona

Marina, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Barcelona, gastronomy, tapas, wine tasting
Born in Armenia, I fell in love with Barcelona where I have been living for the past 10 years. A true foodie, I love every aspect of Barcelona culinary culture. And working as a tour guide in this incredible city reminds me how special and unique it is. This is why I decided to create a company offering guided food tours where visitors can experience the local lifestyle and gastronomy in a sustainable way. With my team of qualified guides, we try to explore the senses with food tastings combined with other experiences. I always remember how I used to pick up blueberries in my grandma’s garden in old Yerevan and how we would turn them into delicious pastries while exchanging life stories. This is how I perceive food : something simple and authentic that can be shared and be part of special moments. more
Yves, private and professional local guide in Barcelona

Yves, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

gastronomy, tradition, barcelona, culinary
Espagnol/Spanish, Allemand/German, Anglais/English
Half turkish, half swiss born in Zurich, I moved to Barcelona 32 years ago when I was 8. After studying journalism, I had been working in online marketing and consulting before deciding to focus on my true passion when my first son was born: cooking. In 2010, I created a gastronomic association in Barcelona offering social culinary experiences where people would participate and take an active role in the cooking process: market groceries (especially in La Boqueria market), "hands on" cooking classes, spanish tapas receptions, etc… During these cooking workshops, I always try to explore the different world cuisines and fusion the essences of each tradition in a unique culinary vocabulary. I love sharing with people, laughing and chating while cooking and then tasting a nice lunch or dinner. My passion for food and cooking comes mainly from my mother who had an international cooking style and used to always mix a lot of spices. The culinary field offers an enormous wide range of exploring possibilities and this is something I really enjoy. When I am not cooking, I like to travel. I am actually preparing for a world tour with my family in 2022...And in the meantime we travel around Europe in a van. I like discovering different cultures and lifestyles. And of course, every time I travel in another country, I learn about local food and new ways of cooking. more
Ignasi, private and professional local guide in Barcelona

Ignasi, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

barcelona, histoiry, art, football, beer
Anglais/English, Italien/Italian, Espagnol/Spanish
I was born and raised in Barcelona, and I’m proud to be Catalan. I’ve been working in tourism since 2013 and set out on my own as a tour guide a couple of years ago. I love football, my biggest passion, and travelling as much as possible whether in Europe or further afield in the USA and Japan. After studying Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at Barcelona University, I completed a second degree in tourism and management. I also spend several months in London to improve my English. Inspired by a friend working as a tour guide, I decided to use my language skills, enthusiasm and interest in art and history to give tours in the city I know and love. My tours combine social, historical and political insights - to help people better understand my country - with information about gastronomy, art and history. Of course, I also talk about football at every opportunity as I have been following FC Barcelona for many years. Guiding is an ideal way for me to share my passion for my city, history and football, while giving people an alternative vision of Barcelona and Spain through the eyes of a local. more
Nicolas, private and professional local guide in Barcelona

Nicolas, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

hot air baloon, catalonian, barcelona, gastronomy
Espagnol/Spanish, Français/French, Anglais/English
Born and raised in the city of Paris, I studied science and international business before deciding to settle in Barcelona, eager to live in the sun and on by the sea. After several experiences in the e-tourism industry, I decided to link my passion to my job by creating my own business of balloon rides. Enjoying unique sensations of fly and freedom, contemplating the stunning scenery from the sky and discovering new regions are part of the many experiences I like to share with my guests. Very proud of my adopted region of Catalonia, I offer guided tours in the airs between the sea and the mountains, always in a great mood. During my tours, I love to add some original anecdotes and comments about the region with good humor and friendliness. Ending the day with a traditional Catalan snack and seeing my passengers leaving with a smile are among the other pleasures of my job. Come and discover the Barcelona region from the air! I promise you an unforgettable moment… PS : my tours could be guided by Tomas. more
Gregorio, private and professional local guide in Barcelona

Gregorio, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

barcelona, history, catalonia, gaudi, roman, culture, architecture
Anglais/English, Espagnol/Spanish
Born in a small village in the middle of Spain, but raised in Barcelona, I have always been passionate about my beautiful city and its unique character; that's why I decided to go back to school to become an official tour guide after several years working for the Spanish administration in a boring office. As a tour guide, what I enjoy the most is meeting new people and creating links between people; because what makes the beauty and the interest of a city are the people; the ones who live there but also the ones who come and visit, who see the different aspects with their own eyes and always showing me a new way to see it. My specialty is to give visitors a real feeling and experience of how people live, think and act in this part of the world. I also enjoy sharing what Barcelona and Catalonia have to offer, so I always try to integrate and connect everything: what to see, to admire, the details, the history behind, the secret paths ect… Even though I have a complete knowledge of Barcelona and its different points of interests, one of my favorite theme is the architecture, which is a huge part of the city's culture. more
Nicole, private and professional local guide in Barcelona

Nicole, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

History, arts, architecture, Barcelona, Tarragona, panoramic, highlights, Barcelona Football Club, medieval Catalonia, Cordona
Anglais/English, Allemand/German, Espagnol/Spanish
I grew up in Saloniki, Greece. After studying history and working as a guide in Berlin, I visited Barcelona for the first time and immediately felt at home. Together with my sister, touristic guide as well, we decided to create a family tour guiding business in Barcelona. I’ve never looked back, I adore this city and my profession! I’ve had my official guiding license issued by the Catalonian government since 2013. The best part of my job is meeting people and making sure they have a good time. Each day is different, I get to use my languages (German, Greek, English and Spanish) and I avoid being stuck in an office. I’m fascinated by the history of Barcelona and Catalonia and this is reflected in my tours which focus on Medieval villages, the gothic quarter of Barcelona, architecture, Dali and much more. My hobbies? Walking my dog, history, movies, swimming, hiking and travelling. Please note that I also do the same tours that my sister Lydia does, you can see them on her profile page. So don't hesitate to contact me to arrange those tours for you too. more
Lydia, private and professional local guide in Barcelona

Lydia, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

barcelona, panoramic, highlights, cava, Montserrat Monastery, dali, medieval, costa brava, sagrada familia
Espagnol/Spanish, Anglais/English, Allemand/German
I am a half Greek, half German who has been living in Barcelona for many years. After working in Greece, I decided to move to Barcelona, a fascinating city that is dynamic all year around. I’ve been living in and exploring Catalonia since 2002 and now know Barcelona better than most locals! Since obtaining my official tour guiding license and buying an air conditioned mini-van, I’ve been sharing my passion and knowledge about Barcelona and Catalonia with visitors from all over the world. One of my proudest moment was when one of my customers told me that I made every corner come alive. I’m an optimistic, sociable person who prefers not to be locked in an office and loves being around people of this lovely country. I am also passionate about history and art (I studied history and linguistics), singing (I’m a soprano) and animals. My aim is to show visitors every corner of the region from the city center to typical Catalan villages to make its history and traditions come alive. My passion and enthusiasm are contagious! PS : my tours are sometimes guided by my sister Nicole, who is also a guide who has the same skills , qualifications and experience guiding the tours. more
Barbara, private and professional local guide in Barcelona

Barbara, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Barcelona, tapas, human towers, culture, gastronomy, horse riding, natural parks, wine, cava, fire-running, roman ruins, dragons
Espagnol/Spanish, Anglais/English
I was born and have always lived in Matara, a small city on the north coast of Barcelona. Although I trained as an industrial design engineer, in recent years I have slowly moved into tourism. This change has been influenced by traveling, which is important part of who I am. After completing an around the world trip, I wanted to share hospitality that I enjoyed with others, as well as giving travelers more insight into local Catalan life, so that they can live authentic experiences. I'm a huge fan of Catalan culture and I work on different projects with some of its cultural institutions. My tours focus on the history and traditions of my region through the eyes of a local inhabitant. I am always busy thinking about my next project and how to improve the things that surround us. As well as travel, I also like hiking and swimming in the sea after sunrise. I enjoy teaching whether it is math or languages, for kids or elderly people. I love culture and understanding the history and reasons behind it. I'm currently learning Chinese! Why do I give tours? Because I like sharing my knowledge and culture through real situations and activities. I believe that culture should be lived, rather than just visited. more