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The world's most beautiful cities

Unique Tours Factory offers you the chance to experience unforgettable moments in Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Tokyo, Paris, Lyon, Nice-Côte d'Azur, Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, Vienna, Athens, Berlin, Bordeaux, Marseille, Naples, Budapest and Prague.

New private tours will soon be available in cities around the world.

Unique private tours

Unique Tours Factory private tours are a unique cocktail of three highlights:
Discovery of places off the beaten track, historic monuments, different cultures, amazing stories to tell.
Encounters with fascinating people, new cultures, extraordinary places that will change your perception and your view of the city.
Pleasure during the many moments of celebration, restaurants, shows, sports or artistic pursuits.

Inspired and inspiring professional guides

To offer you amazing private tours, Unique Tours Factory has selected outstanding guides, people we have met in person and with whom we have tested most of the tours and visits we offer.
All the Unique Tours Factory partner guides are either professional or semi-professional.
All are possessed of a thorough and unique knowledge of the places, cultures and individuals that make up the charm of the cities they invite you to discover.
Better still, all the Unique Tours Factory partner guides are specially selected for their creativity, originality and eagerness to step off the beaten track to provide you with a unique experience you won't find anywhere else.