Lydia, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

I am a half Greek, half German who has been living in Barcelona for many years. After working in Greece, I decided to move to Barcelona, a fascinating city that is dynamic all year around. I’ve been living in and exploring Catalonia since 2002 and now know Barcelona better than most locals! Since obtaining my official tour guiding license and buying an air conditioned mini-van, I’ve been sharing my passion and knowledge about Barcelona and Catalonia with visitors from all over the world. One of my proudest moment was when one of my customers told me that I made every corner come alive. I’m an optimistic, sociable person who prefers not to be locked in an office and loves being around people of this lovely country. I am also passionate about history and art (I studied history and linguistics), singing (I’m a soprano) and animals. My aim is to show visitors every corner of the region from the city center to typical Catalan villages to make its history and traditions come alive. My passion and enthusiasm are contagious! PS : my tours are sometimes guided by my sister Nicole, who is also a guide who has the same skills , qualifications and experience guiding the tours.

Lydia lives in :
Barcelona, Spain
Anglais/English, Allemand/German, Espagnol/Spanish