Barbara, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

I was born and have always lived in Matara, a small city on the north coast of Barcelona. Although I trained as an industrial design engineer, in recent years I have slowly moved into tourism. This change has been influenced by traveling, which is important part of who I am. After completing an around the world trip, I wanted to share hospitality that I enjoyed with others, as well as giving travelers more insight into local Catalan life, so that they can live authentic experiences. I'm a huge fan of Catalan culture and I work on different projects with some of its cultural institutions. My tours focus on the history and traditions of my region through the eyes of a local inhabitant. I am always busy thinking about my next project and how to improve the things that surround us. As well as travel, I also like hiking and swimming in the sea after sunrise. I enjoy teaching whether it is math or languages, for kids or elderly people. I love culture and understanding the history and reasons behind it. I'm currently learning Chinese! Why do I give tours? Because I like sharing my knowledge and culture through real situations and activities. I believe that culture should be lived, rather than just visited.

Barbara lives in :
Barcelona, Spain
Anglais/English, Espagnol/Spanish