Yves, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Half turkish, half swiss born in Zurich, I moved to Barcelona 32 years ago when I was 8. After studying journalism, I had been working in online marketing and consulting before deciding to focus on my true passion when my first son was born: cooking. In 2010, I created a gastronomic association in Barcelona offering social culinary experiences where people would participate and take an active role in the cooking process: market groceries (especially in La Boqueria market), "hands on" cooking classes, spanish tapas receptions, etc… During these cooking workshops, I always try to explore the different world cuisines and fusion the essences of each tradition in a unique culinary vocabulary. I love sharing with people, laughing and chating while cooking and then tasting a nice lunch or dinner. My passion for food and cooking comes mainly from my mother who had an international cooking style and used to always mix a lot of spices. The culinary field offers an enormous wide range of exploring possibilities and this is something I really enjoy. When I am not cooking, I like to travel. I am actually preparing for a world tour with my family in 2022...And in the meantime we travel around Europe in a van. I like discovering different cultures and lifestyles. And of course, every time I travel in another country, I learn about local food and new ways of cooking.

Yves lives in :
Barcelona, Spain
Espagnol/Spanish, Allemand/German, Anglais/English