Cecilia, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Born in the picturesque city of Florence who influenced my passion for art, I moved later to Rome where I completed a PHD in the Academy of Fine Arts. After working as an event planner for 13 years, I decided to create an association which offers customized cultural trails in Roma combining history, art and craft activities mixing the ancient materials such as pigments and natural elements as legendary artists Michelangelo, Giotto or Raphael used to do. The ancient art is really at the center of my tours and I aim at seeing the Eternal City’s history reviving through the creation of a fresco made by a visitor. Today, my eight years of experience in walking tours, family tours and painting workshop enables me to share the best of my expertise and my passion for Rome’s history with curious visitors in an entertaining narrative experience. During my tours, I let the visitor being also an actor and enter in relation with the city of Roma and its past, culture and energy. With my team of archaeologists, restorers, art historians and tourist guides, I organize for you a trip back in time. Discover the main historical sites of Rome such as the St. Peter's Basilica, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and join a mosaic workshop; learn how to create your own fresco on the Piazza Navona using ancient techniques; visit World Unesco heritage sites such as Banditaccia and uncover the secret stories of the ancient civilization while tasting the traditional roman gastronomy. PS : my tours could also be guided by Paola or Lisa, especially when they have to be done in English.

Cecilia lives in :
Cerveteri, Italy
Italien/Italian, Français/French, Anglais/English