Private guides in Rome

Private guides in Rome

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Paolo, private and professional local guide in Rome

Paolo, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Ancient Rome, family, underground
Anglais/English, Français/French, Italien/Italian
Originally from Rome, I was an archaeologist for more than ten years before deciding to set aside the dusty books and archives and work with people, using my skills to show Rome to the incoming visitors. I have always loved being in contact with people and this change of career makes me really happy. On the side, I have also been a cub scout leader for 5 years and I enjoy working with families, children and teenagers alike. One of my favorite moments is when I see children's eyes lighting up and when they ask interesting questions during my tours. I also love bringing my clients to local places to enjoy some food and drinks. It is always enjoyable to break the ice and get to know each other. My speciality as a guide is Ancient Rome but I also like to talk about the Baroque and Renaissance periods of the city. more
Sergio, private and professional local guide in Rome
Italien/Italian, Anglais/English
I was born, raised and still live in Rome. Inspired by numerous family holidays aboard, I started working in tourism in 1970 and haven’t looked back since. I’ve worked mainly for leading tour companies in Italy and Europe, but over the last couple of years I’ve been based in Rome. I love this chaotic city filled where the past, present and future blend together. Guiding is an amazing job that enables me to be free, independent and out of an office! My big passion is history (the subject of my degree), everything from medieval wars to modern day politics. I love answering your questions and always try to adapt my tours to your interests and past experiences. My hobbies? Reading, concerts, the movies, skiing and food – I can give you some great restaurant recommendations. more
Carlo, private and professional local guide in Rome

Carlo, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Histoire, gastronomy, vatican, wine tour
Anglais/English, Espagnol/Spanish, Français/French
Native of Italy, I lived, studied and travelled in the US for many years before coming back to Rome twenty years ago to start a high quality tourism and guiding company. With my team of accredited guides in Rome including several of our family members, we have a combined guiding experience of over 80 years. We know and love our city inside and out, and we are happy to share our passion for Rome and Italy with visitors. Besides English, we also speak Spanish, French, German and can make guide arrangements in all the other major languages. My goal today is to make your travel experience in Rome and Italy even more special and unforgettable. Follow us through the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Ancient Rome, the Trevi fountain and the Roman Forum. In Rome and throughout Italy, we will ensure that you are in the best and most professional hands in order to make you feel comfortable and at home in our beautiful country. PS : my tours could also be guided by another member of my team. more
Ewout, private and professional local guide in Rome
Allemand/German, Italien/Italian, Anglais/English
Originally from Netherlands, I lived most of my life in Italy and traveled a lot in all parts of the world during my student life, and after. My best memories are in Laos where I did my research for my thesis while studying history in Florence. After setting-up in Rome, I became a writer and a journalist expert on Italy, especially Rome. My last book about Rome came out two months ago... Then, passionate by the italian capital, I decided to create my own tour guiding business to show the city from a local's point of view, focusing on details and anecdotes that make a city unique. Today, I see myself more as an expert companion because I believe curious visitors like to have someone they can exchange with and answer all their questions, because now everybody seeks for authenticity and real experiences. I like to focus my tours on contrasts such as Rome between reality and fiction, showing the movie locations connected to the history of Rome. What I enjoy the most is the possibility to show the city spontaneously, when my guests want to see the Coliseum, Trevi, Pantheon and the other highlights; but at the same time, when they are also interested in the hidden gems and the tours off the beaten tracks making me asking permissions in order to enter in some places usually restricted to the public access. PS : my tours could also be guided by Marije. more
Tiziana, private and professional local guide in Rome

Tiziana, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Food tour, art tour, history, Vatican
Anglais/English, Italien/Italian, Espagnol/Spanish
Born and raised in Rome, I have been working in the tourism industry for 11 years now, first leading tours throughout Italy and later qualifying for my license as an official guide for Rome, the surrounding province and Vatican City. Before being a tour guide, I already knew a bit about Rome art and history, but when some of my foreign friends were coming to Rome, I was unable to explain them the whole history of my own city. I felt ashamed and decided to improve it, so I started to follow special courses which led me to the wonderful job of being a tour guide. I enjoy sharing my love for my beautiful city with my guests. My job allows me to meet people from all over the world, and many of them are special. Second, among the special persons I guided Jimmy Fallon, the American Comedian, and I did not know how he was ! My specialty is the archeological area of Rome and all the main sights (Coliseum, the Roman Forum...) but also Rome’s underground (ancient roman city) with its catacombs, crypts, and churches. I love it because it shows the past of the city and let us see the connections between the ancient city and the modern one. more
Magali, private and professional local guide in Paris and London

Magali, private guide for Unique Tours Factory in Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Val de Loire

Private family tours in Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Val de Loire
Anglais/English, Français/French, Espagnol/Spanish
After my business studies at HEC interspersed with abroad experiences in the luxury and fashion sector, I worked for 4 years in a consulting firm before launching my dream concept: high-end tourism for families, following a request customers had, looking for activities to do in Paris with their children. By creating my own company, I could serve all my passions at once: cooking, culture and my adopted city of Paris, whose secrets I all know. London was also part of the adventure because it is one of my host cities. Having the attention for detail and quality, I offer tailor-made tours in various European destinations such as of Paris, Loire Valley, and London, Rome and Florence for families wishing to explore these places with their children in an original way and without having to worry about logistics. With my small team of passionate professionals, we developed themed itineraries in the best places, adding for each of them some high-quality activities suitable for children of all ages and interests. Visit the Louvre Museum during a treasure hunt followed by a painting course, relapse in the novel and film The Da Vinci Code with an orientation game, discover French tradition while making the iconic baguette, visit the artistic village of Montmartre while learning french, explore Rome and learn about its history through specially-designed stories, quizzes and games or discover the life of Galileo the famous astronomer and his inventions through a visit to his museum. These are few examples of our organized family tours which allow parents to spend quality time with their children. more
Cecilia, private and professional local guide in Rome
Anglais/English, Français/French, Italien/Italian
Born in the picturesque city of Florence who influenced my passion for art, I moved later to Rome where I completed a PHD in the Academy of Fine Arts. After working as an event planner for 13 years, I decided to create an association which offers customized cultural trails in Roma combining history, art and craft activities mixing the ancient materials such as pigments and natural elements as legendary artists Michelangelo, Giotto or Raphael used to do. The ancient art is really at the center of my tours and I aim at seeing the Eternal City’s history reviving through the creation of a fresco made by a visitor. Today, my eight years of experience in walking tours, family tours and painting workshop enables me to share the best of my expertise and my passion for Rome’s history with curious visitors in an entertaining narrative experience. During my tours, I let the visitor being also an actor and enter in relation with the city of Roma and its past, culture and energy. With my team of archaeologists, restorers, art historians and tourist guides, I organize for you a trip back in time. Discover the main historical sites of Rome such as the St. Peter's Basilica, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and join a mosaic workshop; learn how to create your own fresco on the Piazza Navona using ancient techniques; visit World Unesco heritage sites such as Banditaccia and uncover the secret stories of the ancient civilization while tasting the traditional roman gastronomy. PS : my tours could also be guided by Paola or Lisa, especially when they have to be done in English. more