Private tour on Michelangelo in Florence

Florence Michelangelo Day Tour

Walking tour in Michelangelo's life and art, with a sculpture class

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On this exclusive day tour, follow your guide in Florence narrow streets towards places and monuments hosting Michelangelo's main artworks. On your way, discover the city's breathtaking beauty with its Renaissance architecture. You will start in the Accademia Gallery where you will marvel at the impressive unfinished Slaves statues of the Tomb of Pope Julius II created between 1515 and 1530; as well as the original David created between 1501 and 1504 and considered as Michelangelo's masterpiece. You will continue to the San Lorenzo Church near the Duomo. There, you will visit the New Sacristy and see the tombs of the Medici family sculpted by Michelangelo, the Laurentian Library designed by the master. Afterwards, you will walk towards the Opera del Duomo's Museum where you will see the sculpted Pieta with his self-portrait meant to be placed on his own tomb. Then, you will cross the medieval Ponte Vecchio, Florence's famous bridge. With its many shops lined up, it is one of the symbols of the city. After a little break for a lunch, you will continue your day, heading to the artist-sculptor Jason Arkles' workshop where you will participate in a sculpting class to understand more of Michelangelo's mysterious genius. During the class, the artist will walk with you through the process of creating a sculpture in a historical context and contemporary practice, exploring different methods and playing with materials.

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Florence Michelangelo, Florence sculpture, Michelangelo David, Michelangelo Pieta, Ponte Vecchio Florence, Duomo Florence, Lorenzo Church Florence, New Sacristy Florence
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On foot
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Children are welcome from 10 years old
Italien/Italian (fluent), Anglais/English (fluent), Néerlandais/Dutch (native)


- Entrance ticket for the Museum of the Accademia - Entrance ticket for the New Sacristy of San Lorenzo Church - Entrance ticket for the Laurentian Library - Entrance ticket for the Museum of the Opera del Duomo - 3-hour sculpture workshop with plaster cast creation


- Lunch - Hotel pick up and drop-off - Plaster shipping costs if you want your work to be sent to you - Taxi costs (if applicable)


Starting at the Accademia Gallery near Piazza San Marco, you will admire the unfinished Slaves statues of the Tomb of Pope Julius II, as well as the original David, all created by Michelangelo. Then, you will walk to the San Lorenzo Church near the Central Market and the Duomo, to visit the New Sacristy where you will see the tombs of the Medici sculpted by Michelangelo and the Laurentian Library designed by the master. Afterwards, in the Museum of the Opera del Duomo located behind the Cathedral, you will visit the Pieta, one of Michelangelo's later works. At midday, you could enjoy a lunch before crossing the Ponte Vecchio, Florence's emblematic bridge built over the Arno River. Then, you will head to the sculptor Jason Arkles' workshop where you will take part in a sculpture class under guidance of the artist himself. There, you will make your own small plaster cast from one of the several molds made from antique and Renaissance originals (which can be taken home if you wish). You will also enjoy a demonstration of marble carving techniques you will be able to try as well.


Your hotel in Florence center, or in front of the Academia Gallery
Sculptor Jason Arkles' workshop - Via Vellutini 7, Florence

your guide



languages :
Italien/Italian, Anglais/English, Néerlandais/Dutch

Dutch born, I lived in Haarlem until the age of 19, then I moved to Amsterdam to study art history. During my studies I did an Erasmus exchange program and studied in Florence for a few months. I graduated in 1997 in Amsterdam but I had fallen in love with Florence so I decided to come back in 2001 thanks to a research scholarship from the Dutch University Institute of Art in Florence. In 2005, I married a Florentine and started my tour guide career. I enjoy being an art historian and I believe that as a tour guide, one has to know less about art history, but much more about every aspect of this city such as gastronomy, fashion, and music. So combining the two professions is ideal! I love mixing art with other disciplines of culture and seeing people enjoy themselves. The walking tour combined with literature and Italian gastronomy is one of my favorites!

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