Private history and heritage of Berlin tours

Private history and heritage tours

Here at Unique Tours Factory, we offer you our private tours of the cultural and historical heritage of Berlin. Today a vibrant and cosmopolitan capital, Berlin experienced a very hectic past since the 13th century when it became the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia. Cradle of an emperial dynasty, commercial hub linking eastern and Western Europe, avant-garde city during the 1920s, capital of Nazism, metropolis divided by a Wall... Berlin suffered two wars but was able to reborn while increasing its power. In Berlin, our passionate historian guides have prepared for you original tours mixing history, culture and heritage. Discover the tumultuous history of Berlin during a journey from the 19th century to the 'after war. Retrace the Cold War moments at Checkpoint Charlie, visit the federal government district, admire the blend of architectural styles reflecting the different political era. Want to know more about the Jewish and Socialist Berlin ? Enjoy a guided walk through the various places related to the Jewish community and its history. Visit the synagogue area, the Otto Weidt Museum of the Blind, the new synagogue and let your expert guide uncover the anecdotes of the past. Want to discover Berlin's main landmarks ? Let an expert guide taking you through history to the Gendarmenmarkt, the Reichstag, the Alexanderplatz, and the Brandenburg Gate. Want to personalize your private tours in Berlin? Do not hesitate to contact our guides to discuss your itinerary with them.

Private walking historical guided visit in Berlin

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Private walking history tour in Berlin

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