Private guided tours of the highlights of Berlin

Private highlights tours

Here we offer you our private tours of the highlights and hotspots of Berlin. With its rich historical and political past, the German capital leaves no travellers indifferent. After many periods of wars and torments, Berlin is today a major artistic and cultural hub, boasting also a strong economical and political system. Our guides in Berlin are handpicked for their professionalism and friendliness. With them, you will discover the true spirit of this vibrant city evolving between history and modernity. On our private photography tour, discover Berlin through a lens and see the main landmarks of the city such as as the Kreuzberg district, the Berlin wall, and the Potsdamer Platz. On our exclusive walking tour in the Synagogue area, learn more about the Jewish community history in Berlin and visit the emblematic Museum Otto Weidt's Workshop of the Blind (Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt). Our guides also designed some highlights tours offering a comprehensive overview of the German capital, including the Berlin wall and its history. Separated by this 155km (96 miles) wall from 1962, the East and West sides of the city had been reunified in 1989, working together on what would become one of the most vibrant and open-minded city in the world. Capital of art and innovation, Berlin has a lot of galleries and museums to discover, such as the UNESCO world heritage Museum Island, as well as the Bauhaus Museum which displays an impressive collection of artworks and documents from the famous school of architecture and design, considered today as one of the most influential in the world.

Private walking historical guided visit in Berlin

Berlin’s Tumultuous History Tour

Half a day of unique insights into 19th and 20th century German history