Marion, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Originally from the Loire Valley, I grew up surrounded by art, thanks to my parents, two teachers who always brought me in museums and historical monuments... After my studies in art history, I did an internship at the Chateau de Fontainebleau; which decided me to Paris to live close to museums, monuments and culture. Wishing to convey and share my passion for history and art, I decided to become a guide-lecturer. I am a true passionate and this is what characterizes me the most, I think. I am very dynamic, and visitors usually say that my visits are alive and animated. I love laughing about small historical anecdotes, talk about "little" stories to explain the "great" History. And what I like most of all in my job are the reactions, smiles, and laughs of my guests. I love to make my visits a real moment of exchange and sharing. Follow me on the footsteps of Molière and its Comédie Française, as well as in bohème stories of Montmartre.

Marion lives in :
Paris, France
Anglais/English, Français/French