Benjamin, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Born in Paris, I studied tourism then moved abroad to live many experiences. After a year in Australia, and several months as a Hotel Manager in Venezuela, I acted in a film in India and traveled to China, Ghana and the United States. I also traveled to Budapest by bike from Paris, then continued in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. Throughout these adventures, I worked in various fields such as catering, plumbing, communication and sales. Following these experiences, I decided to go back to Paris to share my passion for ! A childhood friend and his wife joined me in this adventure and we specialized in boat tours on the Seine to show the monuments of Paris from the water. I especially like the bridge of Bir Hakeim and, overnight, the Pont Neuf, which has a beautiful lighting. I like to tell about the origin of the names “Pont Neuf” and “Vert-Galant”. I am more a teller of anecdotes rather than dates and architectural styles, although history also fascinates me. During my tours, you will discover many fun facts - Why do we say "paying in monkey money," "lasting 107 years" or why in France we call police officers, "the chickens". The Grand Palace is also one of my favorite sights in Paris. Did you know its canopy is heavier than the whole Eiffel Tower ? (9500 tons against 7500 for the Eiffel Tower)? The happiness of my clients gives me great satisfaction and rewards. I sometimes come across passengers who feel sorry to ask me a thousand questions about Paris and France, while in fact, this exchange with them is precisely the essence of my work on board; the reason why I love my job, and what makes each cruise unique. Although, of course, some passengers want to enjoy the boat tour with a driver who is happy to just drive, my pleasure (and my quality, I think) is to adapt to each group and deliver the hospitality and attention they want.

Benjamin lives in :
Paris, France
Anglais/English, Espagnol/Spanish, Français/French