Perrine, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Born in Lyon but raised in the Lyonnaise countryside, I am an art historian and guide lecturer. During my studies, I lived in Seville and Irlande before completing a Master Degree in art history specialized in architecture. Passionned by cultural heritage and architecture, I wanted to become an archeologist but the sharing and transmission dimension was lacking. So I started to work as a tour guide, leading tours in french, english and spanish. After spending a few years with scholar groups in Spain and United Kingdom, I decided to become independant and created my own agency to show my beautiful region off the beaten track: Lyon, the Beaujolais, the Dombes, the Bresse and Bourgogne; there are many hidden sites with a rich historical heritage such as the Château de Fléchères. Being a tour guide is to me the most fascinating job, as it allows me to live out of my passion, as well as meeting with people from all round the world, all with great ease. Beside the cultural, historical and archeological information they receive during the tours, my goal is to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience - something they can remember as a good day filled with wonderment, exchange and discovery.

Perrine lives in :
Lyon, France
Français/French, Espagnol/Spanish, Anglais/English