Private food and wine tours in Budapest

Private gastronomy and wine tours

Beyond the Goulash

Here at Unique Tours Factory, we offer you our private food and wine tours in Budapest.
Hungary isn’t the most famous country when it comes to gastronomy, although its cuisine is one of the most elaborate in Europe and combines numerous influences (e.g. Turkish and Balkans). In addition to its iconic goulash, you’ll discover hearty dishes based on meat, seasonal vegetables and spices like paprika (the national spice), often in the form of stews and soups. Hungary is also known for its great spirits such as the Pálinka and the Unicum, both emblematic national drinks with multiple purposes. The wine is also an important part of the local culture - Hungary being a wine-growing country since the Roman times. Today, it boasts about 100 varieties of wines in 22 different regions. The most famous are the dessert wines (such as the sweet whites of Tokaj) and the smoky-oaky reds (reds of Villány) you will discover on your pest walking tour with wine tasting. And if you have a sweet tooth, you will enjoy the coffee houses in Budapest, famous for their delicious drinks (tea, coffee, fresh juices…) and rich pastries served in some creative interiors. The Jewish quarter is one of the best places to go if you want to take a little break in a cosy place with a homemade chocolate cake.

Private walking tour of Pest in Budapest with wine tasting