Deborah, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Born and raised in the Veneto region, I always loved foreign languages since my youngest age. So I started to study Japanese, literature and culture and in the meantime I was developing my knowledge and passion for Italian arts and architecture. Few years after, working as a Japanese interpreter, I saw a contest for a Japanese speaking guide job and I decided to participate to end up being selected and it changed my life. I decided to create my own agency, in order to design my own visits, focused on the inside stories of Venice churches and museums. I have a true passion for my city and my region, and I love to show it to the visitors from all around the world, bringing them to hidden places and telling them secret anecdotes about Venice and the Veneto. My tours show the real Venice, far from the touristic paths and closer from the people who make the city existing since centuries. I am also proud to say I am the most licensed guide in the Veneto area in five different places, entitling me to guide also in Verona, Padova, Vicenza, Treviso and Rovigo. Today, I can guide in Italian, in English, and Japanese in unique places such as Murano glass factories, Burano lace workshops, wineries, churches and other authentic Venetian places.

Deborah lives in :
JapaneseJaponais/Japanese, Anglais/English, Italien/Italian