Anna, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Born in Italy, I fell in love with Seville when I was a student so I decided to move to the beautiful Andalusian capital to pursue my Spanish studies. I completed a Master degree in translation while learning about the city’s rich history. Becoming a tour guide was a true calling: I had once the opportunity to accompany a team in Seville for a bank convention and I enjoyed it so much I decided to turn it into a job. I always have been particularly interested in the 3 religions - Christian, Jewish and Islamic - that have shaped Seville during the Middle Ages, so a lot of my tours include many information from this period. When I am not guiding, I usually have a history book on hand! Beside historical tours, I also offer food tours where culture blends with gastronomy. Seville has a fascinating culinary heritage I love to share. My goal is to see interest and curiosity on my clients’ faces. There is nothing more rewarding that their satisfaction during my tours.

Anna lives in :
Sevilla, Spain
Anglais/English, Italien/Italian, Espagnol/Spanish