Bertrand, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

I was born in the Basque Country, but I moved to Paris when I was 18 years old. I wanted to discover the world: I studied at Science Po Lille, completed “prépa” classes in Paris and then went to Sweden. Why did I become a guide? By chance. A friend asked me to help him distribute flyers for guided tours in front of Notre Dame. And, I was immediately hooked! For 5 years, we created guided tours across Europe before setting up our own people-sized company with a small team of colleagues to offer customized Paris tours. In our team of 6, 4 of us have official guiding qualifications and we conduct visits in French, English, Spanish and Polish. Each of us has a specialty in relation to 4 key themes: history and religion, food and wine, art and “off the beaten track.” I prefer French history and religion including Notre Dame and Sainte Chapelle. Giving tours is a passion for me – I like learning and sharing, inciting curiosity and watching the connections that are created.

Bertrand lives in :
Paris, France
Espagnol/Spanish, Anglais/English, Français/French