Enrique, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Born and raised in Madrid, I am a professional tour guide with a degree in art history and a PHD in nineteenth century art. Passionate by tour guiding and tourism in general, I decided eight years ago to create my own company with a little team of local experienced guides, speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, German and Russian. Also a blogger, I love to write articles about Madrid's history and legends. Little streets, hidden places, secret stories... There are a lot of unknown parts in the Spanish Capital and I enjoy bringing people there and showing them how locals live. With us, you will have a true perception of Madrid, going through the best foodie haunts during a gastronomy tour, discovering the history of Madrid sculptures, visiting the different neighborhoods, and learning how to play card games in local tavernas. We have decided to start doing tours in Lisbon as well as it is one of the major cities in the Iberian peninsula, and believe or not we consider Portugal and the Portuguese as our brothers. I have a close connection with some friends in Lisboa which I met in my tourism guiding career, so we decided to join forces and start offering in their city the concept of uniqueness that has built us! Portugal and Spain have a very close relationship in many ways, but history is the one that connects us the most, especially after the addition of Portugal to Spain in around 1580 by the king of Spain Felipe II. Also on the times of the catholic kings and through the "Tratado de Tordesillas" which divided the Atlantic Ocean and "The new world" in two parts, one for the kings Isabel y Fernando and the Other for Juan II king of Portugal. As a lover of this city for its unique feeling and the passion for our beloved Peninsula, the project began on the hands of our trusted colleagues in the Portuguese side, and here we are... trying to make visitors enjoy and love as much as our team does, the greatest corners of this amazing land called "The iberian Peninsula" NOTE : my tours could also be guided by Ignacio or Marta.

Enrique lives in :
Anglais/English, Portuguais/Portuguese, Espagnol/Spanish