Vanessa, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

With a strong desire to show the vibrant artistic side of Berlin while supporting the responsible tourism, I started an alternative tours concept in 2006, offering unforgettable experiences in the underground scene of the city. With my team of local and international artists and guides, visitors can discover a unique side of the German capital and learn about the numerous community initiatives that are actively taking place. Our goal is to give you a different approach of Berlin and its creative effervescence that overtakes each corner with music, theater, painting, photography, sculpture and street art. Ready for an adventurous tour? Let my knowledgeable guides - ranging from filmmakers to Burlesque performers, art curators, band members, festival organizers and many more artists - show you the raw, truculent and dazzling Berlin thanks to their in-depth and personal understanding of the different places.

Vanessa lives in :
Berlin, Germany
Allemand/German, Anglais/English