Private guides in Vienna

Private guides in Vienna

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Chris, private and professional local guide in Vienna

Chris, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Vienna, Imperial tour, porcelain decoration, horse carriage, Danube, Austrian Alps
Anglais/English, Allemand/German, Espagnol/Spanish
Born and raised in Vienna, I am a licensed certified guide since 1990. That job just felt obvious to me. Tourism had indeed always been part of my life, as my dad founded one of the very first Vienna sightseeing companies in the 1970s. Passionate about my beautiful city, I love to introduce visitors to history, art, gastronomy and the Jewish history of Vienna. I love to travel and I had a chance to travel a lot thanks to my job. I also enjoy cycling and discovering a city by bike. My favorite tours in Vienna are about Austrian history, the Hapsburg Empire and the city's different historic connections who shaped the city from the past until today… more
Valerie, private and professional local guide in Vienna

Valerie, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

romantic tour, Vienna, historic center, horse carriage, jewish, memorials, traditions
Espagnol/Spanish, Anglais/English, Français/French
I was born in Salzburg but grew up in Vienna, which I consider my home. I studied theatre at university and then at drama school to become an actress. But, when I had my two children, I decided to become a professional guide and obtained my professional license in 2008. Why did I become a guide? Because it’s a fascinating job – I get to meet people from all over the world, explore Vienna and improve my language skills (I speak Spanish, Italian, English and French). Vienna is a beautiful city that’s a delight share with visitors, from its Jewish history to its musicians and the collection of works by Gustav Klimt at the Belvédère Palace. In my free time, I still perform on stage, I also sing in the Vienna university choir and practice tai chi. more
Marlene, private and professional local guide in Vienna

Marlene, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

history, art, Vienna, modern architecture, Danube, private boat ride
Allemand/German, Anglais/English
I was born in Graz, Austria’s second biggest city, and moved to Vienna 16 years ago for university. After studying Comparative Literature and Scandinavian Studies, I spent two years in Norway training to become an official tour guide. I’m passionate about a job that combines my love of languages, meeting people and Vienna. I enjoy traveling, working with people, telling stories, history and art. I’m also a dog lover, although sadly I can’t own one as I travel a lot. At weekends I engage in all kinds of outdoor activities including hiking and mountain walks. My favorite bits of the city? The numerous art galleries especially the Museum of Fine Arts and Albertina Museum; and the modern architecture combining old and new elements. My favorite topics? The Hapsburg dynasty, Mozart, Beethoven, Viennese Waltz, Austrian food (wienerschnitzel, Saache torte, apple strudel) and much, much more! more
Orsolya, private and professional local guide in Vienna

Orsolya, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Vienna, history, imperial city, Schönbrunn Palace, traditional strudel demonstration, waltz
Anglais/English, Allemand/German
I’ve been living in Vienna for 24 years, but originally I was born in Budapest. I fell in love with the city during my studies in Music at the University of Vienna and while I was performing concerts here. I decided to start a new course to become a professional tour guide and since 2003, I have been working as a qualified and a passionate Austrian Tour Guide. I’m fascinated by Vienna's history, its musical heritage and all the romantic places of the city. Did you know that until 1918 Hungary and Austria used to be one country? For me, the fact that I’m Hungarian makes working in Vienna - as a tour guide - even more meaningful. My aim is to impress visitors with the beauty of Vienna, an international, multicultural city where history, imperial heritage and modernity blend together seamlessly. When I’m not working as a music teacher and tour guide, I love nature, excursions, being outside, sport, reading, history and spending time with family and friends. I am very much looking forward to sharing my passion for this magnificent place with you. See You in Vienna! more
Susanna, private and professional local guide in Vienna

Susanna, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

Vienna, Mozart, Mozart's footsteps, a Menuet lesson, food tasting
Portuguais/Portuguese, Espagnol/Spanish, Anglais/English
Born and raised in Vienna, I obtained my national guiding license in 2007. I also hold a diploma in international and diplomatic relations from the Vienna University, as well as a master degree in Spanish and Portugese, being also fluent in English and French. Beside my profession of tour guide, my other passion is singing; I have been a longtime singer in different choirs and a longtime actor in a Vienna based amateur Theatre. My dry humour and my enthousiasm are my strenghts to entertain my guests and show them my beautiful city of Vienna. Specialized in Music, history and storytelling, I love to show them secret places. I remember a Medical doctor from Argentina who came to Vienna for the 7th time, knowing more about the Hadbsburgs than I did, but not in a competitive way. She was just truly passionate by their story and seemed to have absorbed it all as if she was part of this family. She was really thrilled I could show her new places, like a castle where one of the descendants of the habsburgs lived, or a newly opened workshop of Klimt. She did not take a single photo though. But finally, I took one of her. Another fun anecdocte is when I met one of the richest man in the world who wanted everybody to become rich and who gave me the book he wrote with his dedication in it. more