Private guides in Florence

Private guides in Florence

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Giacomo, private and professional local guide in Florence

Giacomo, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

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Anglais/English, Espagnol/Spanish, Français/French
I grew up in Tuscany and spent much of my life surrounded by its beautiful hills. After studying communications and event management, I worked at our family transportation company. But, I realized that something was missing. Given how much I enjoyed talking and telling stories about Tuscany, people suggested that I should become a guide. So I decided to try and got my national guiding qualification in Florence. I started giving traditional cultural tours, but later decided to focus on organic food and wine tours, my real passion. Through the eyes of a local, you’ll find out more about Tuscan specialties, sample local wine and learn more about agriculture in the region. I am passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge. I always try to adapt my tours to my guests needs, preferences and interests. My tours can be also lead by my colleagues, who are also passionate about wine, food, agriculture and Tuscany. more
Francesca, private and professional local guide in Florence
Italien/Italian, Anglais/English
I was born in the beautiful city of Florence, and I have been a qualified tourist guide since 2008. After getting a degree in Modern Cultures and Languages at the University of Florence and studying in Spain at the Universidad de Valladolid, I worked in several different fields before turning to tourism. Guiding is my full time job and my certification was issued by the Italian government once I received my tourism diploma. Every winter, I study and update my knowledge by attending refresher courses to always provide fresh, interesting and high quality tours. For me, guiding is the best way to express my love for my city and show it to people through the eyes of a local. I’m a passionate traveler as I think it is a mind-opening and enriching experience. I have a true passion for history, especially the Medici family and the Convent San Marco. Like any true Italian, I love good wine, gelato and I’d describe myself as a real foodie. I like nothing better than taking a book to the Caffetteria delle Oblate with a spectacular view of the Duomo, while savoring a good cappuccino. Designed to feed your curiosity, my tours cover a wide range of topics and monuments including Renaissance and Middle Age history, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Giotto, Medici family and much more. more
Norie, private and professional local guide in Florence
Italien/Italian, Néerlandais/Dutch, Anglais/English
Dutch born, I lived in Haarlem until the age of 19, then I moved to Amsterdam to study art history. During my studies I did an Erasmus exchange program and studied in Florence for a few months. I graduated in 1997 in Amsterdam but I had fallen in love with Florence so I decided to come back in 2001 thanks to a research scholarship from the Dutch University Institute of Art in Florence. In 2005, I married a Florentine and started my tour guide career. I enjoy being an art historian and I believe that as a tour guide, one has to know less about art history, but much more about every aspect of this city such as gastronomy, fashion, and music. So combining the two professions is ideal! I love mixing art with other disciplines of culture and seeing people enjoy themselves. The walking tour combined with literature and Italian gastronomy is one of my favorites! more
Magali, private and professional local guide in Paris and London

Magali, private guide for Unique Tours Factory in Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Val de Loire

Private family tours in Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Val de Loire
Français/French, Espagnol/Spanish, Anglais/English
After my business studies at HEC interspersed with abroad experiences in the luxury and fashion sector, I worked for 4 years in a consulting firm before launching my dream concept: high-end tourism for families, following a request customers had, looking for activities to do in Paris with their children. By creating my own company, I could serve all my passions at once: cooking, culture and my adopted city of Paris, whose secrets I all know. London was also part of the adventure because it is one of my host cities. Having the attention for detail and quality, I offer tailor-made tours in various European destinations such as of Paris, Loire Valley, and London, Rome and Florence for families wishing to explore these places with their children in an original way and without having to worry about logistics. With my small team of passionate professionals, we developed themed itineraries in the best places, adding for each of them some high-quality activities suitable for children of all ages and interests. Visit the Louvre Museum during a treasure hunt followed by a painting course, relapse in the novel and film The Da Vinci Code with an orientation game, discover French tradition while making the iconic baguette, visit the artistic village of Montmartre while learning french, explore Rome and learn about its history through specially-designed stories, quizzes and games or discover the life of Galileo the famous astronomer and his inventions through a visit to his museum. These are few examples of our organized family tours which allow parents to spend quality time with their children. more