Kees, private guide for Unique Tours Factory in Amsterdam

Born and raised in Amsterdam, I am an Art historian specialized in European art. Doctor, teacher and public educator, my favorite topics of discussion are the Dutch painters Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh. As a true passionate, I created a website about the art of the 17th century Dutch painters. Journalist and searcher in my spare time, I collaborated with various fine arts television programs and published many articles about art. I am also the chairman of the International Circle of Academic Tour Guides. Patron of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, I have privileged access and also VIP passes for other museums. Willing to share my knowledge, I decided 15 years ago to start my own company, in order to lead art-passionate visitors in Amsterdam museums and uncover for them the art history in my city. Respectable art specialist, I received the Wiki Delft award for excellence in March 2015, which is a guaranty of the quality of my tours. PS : my tours could also be guided by Ben and Duttje.

Kees lives in :
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Anglais/English, Allemand/German, Néerlandais/Dutch