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« It’s impossible for visitors to see all of the best of Bordeaux in only a few days, but Unique Tours Factory does an excellent job of combining some of our favorite parts of Bordeaux…

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« We had a lovely summers day looking round Pest and learning more about our favourite city. We learnt a lot and had lots of fun. We particularly enjoyed the wine tasting at the end….

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« I tried them for a one-day excursion. I was more than pleased with the results. In fact, it turned out to be our very favorite experience of the entire sailing. Much of that had to do with Jacques, one of Unique Tours Factory’s professional guides in the French Riviera. His jaunty brown hat, winning personality, firm grasp of the history of the area, and superb expertise made for the perfect day….

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«  I believe that tours like this are perfect for the last day when you are tired to search for things to do by yourself and already have some knowledge about the city, what makes you ready to explore more. We booked our Hidden Budapest Walking Tour with Unique Tours Factory, a company that offers local tours around Europe, all of them with a different approach…

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«  Elsewhere in Paris we used the Paris Pass to bypass queues, but here you don’t get to skip the line even with it. But there is a way around this and, I think, it will be the best money you can spend in Paris! We took the Skip the Line Versailles Tour through Unique Tours Factory

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How to conquer touring Versailles

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«  We took a tour of Gaudí’s most famous works with Unique Tours Factory […], Our guide, Gregorio was amazing!! We had skip-the-line access to see all of Gaudí’s masterpieces, including Park Güell, pictured above…..

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«  We saw so much more on our tour with Enrique from Unique Tours Factory. He told us where to get that great view of Madrid in the first photo of the post! It’s from the Circulo de Bellas Artes rooftop terrace…..

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«  We took a tour of the church with Unique Tours Factory. They bought the tickets and gave us a great guided tour of the basilica. TONS of great information and plenty of time to explore and photograph everything…..

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«  To enjoy a great tour around Florence, check out Unique Tours Factory  […] The company provides professional guides for private tours in the major cities around Europe. Tours can be tailored to your specific interests and needs..


«  Une fois le choix validé par ma direction (la visite « Paris éternel »), j’ai vérifié la disponibilité de la guide et réglé avec elle quelques détails pratiques, […] Nos invités et moi-même avons passé une journée merveilleuse ! Parisienne, j’étais convaincue de « tout savoir », d’avoir « tout vu ». Je me suis aperçue, dès les premiers instants, que j’avais tout à apprendre sur ma ville natale ». 


« Conçue par des passionnés attentifs aux besoins de ses clients, elle recense des activités à pratiquer et des lieux à visiter en solo ou en équipe, hors des sentiers (ra) battus.


« Vous l’avez compris, Unique Tours Factory regorge de visites qui font toutes plus envie les unes que les autres.


« Ce qui m’a manqué lors de ce 2ème voyage, c’est le petit plus local. Pouvoir vivre une expérience vraiment dépaysante que tous les touristes du coin n’ont pas déjà vécue.
C’est là qu’intervient cette start-up française nouvellement lancée : Unique Tours Factory


« Unique Tour Factory reste le meilleur acteur proposant des visites touristiques prestigieuses grâce à ses professionnels. Ainsi, la visite de toutes les villes triées sur le volet sera des souvenirs mémorables.


« Unique Tours Factory ben… ça porte bien son nom : c’est la compagnie qui vous permettra de vivre des expériences uniques au cours de vos voyages grâce à son armada de guides professionnels et qui vous offrira des visites que votre voisin n’aura pas fait (du moins, pas de la même manière).


« De l’Autriche à la France en passant par le Royaume Uni ou l’Italie entre autres, vous découvrirez des expériences uniques qui vous permettront de garder de votre voyage un souvenir mémorable.


« The Unique Tours Factory team throws itself into providing the best travel memories wholeheartedly, because we think that a trip to France is always a special event, no matter what.


« So the next time you travel, think about it. Where appropriate, take a tour. It might end up being the most meaningful travel experience you’ve ever had! We’re definitely looking into something from Unique Tours factory for our upcoming trip to Portugal!


« Unique Tours Factory specialises in high quality travel experiences with a roster of professional guides, who offer exciting and unusual trips abroad, far away from the general public (not to mention those other pesky tourists). The concept was conceived by Roland Tcherkezian…

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Tourist-ing like a local


« Unique Tours Factory can give you just such an experience, and you can find a guide to suit your particular travel tastes, whether you like photography or cooking. If you are booking a trip to Europe, I highly recommend using them, and if you are in another part of the world, don’t worry…


« What more could you dream of when it comes to living a real life adventure of your own, full of luxurious sophistication?
Whether your destination is Rome or another exotic locale, Unique Tours Factory can deliver an experience unlike any other.


« I do not think that even a local friend could offer such an insider experience, kudos to Unique Tours Factory for their great work!


« With a local tour guide, you get to discover all the charms and the best-kept secrets of the Cote d’Azur. The local tour guide will add passion to your tour, and this is a defining factor because it can turn this experience into a meaningful and epic event.


« By hiring professional and knowledgeable guides, you get a vibrant and genuine tour without missing a single thing.


« So remember, when you treat yourself to a Unique Tours Factory experience, you skip the “standard” tourist experience and instead, you’ll head straight to high-quality personal encounters that will provide lifelong memories.


« For example, Unique Tours Factory specializes in providing high quality unique experiences by professional guides who offer innovative visits.


« Por ejemplo, Unique Tours Factory se especializa en ofrecer experiencias únicas de alta calidad mediante guías profesionales que ofrecen visitas innovadoras.