Marie-Bénédicte, private guide for Unique Tours Factory

After 12 years spent in sales and trade marketing, the birth of my 4th child gave me the impulse to change careers in order to fully devote myself to my passion: organizing guided tours in my beautiful city of Paris. In 2006, I created my own company with a small team of professional polyglot guides (Emanuela, Françoise, Xenia...), offering visitors the opportunity to discover Paris in a different way. While many cities are becoming standardized in their offer with the development of numerous chains of all kinds, the French capital retains its authenticity and its unique shops, thus preserving its peculiar charm. This is the concept of my visits which have been increasingly successful over the years. Through my special relationship with partners, merchants and artisans, I offer my visitors a unique sensory immersion punctuated by cultural stops in different symbolic places and neighborhoods of Paris. During my tours, visitors are led in confidential boutiques, carefully selected and conducive for the stimulation of the senses: perfumes, groceries, wines, chocolates and local workshops. My experts and passionate guides love to share their stories and offer fun activities to bring a playful dimension to the tours. Whether you are a gourmet, fashionista, fine nose, or wine lover, I create a customized itinerary to awake your senses: mysterious wine-cellars discovery in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés chic neighborhood, culinary traditions, and french Art of living in a prestigious restaurant, or meeting with fashion designers in the Marais during a show-room. PS : my tours are usually guided by Emanuela, Françoise or Xenia

Marie-Bénédicte lives in :
Paris, France
Français/French, Espagnol/Spanish, Anglais/English