Jack and Adelaïde, private guides for Unique Tours Factory

Jack was born into a family of artists in England. Following a holiday to Paris in 2003, he decided to come back to France to study at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. Adelaïde also chose to study at the Beaux-Arts de Paris in order to focus on painting and in particular frescos, and this is where they met each other and became friends. The pair share a passion for Paris, art and teaching. So, when Jack suggested creating tours where tourists draw and discover Paris at the same time, Adelaïde loved the idea and they set up a company. The aim? Combine drawing and tourism to share the city’s streets, secrets and monuments with visitors. Their favorite spots? Montmartre, Ile St Louis and the Luxembourg Gardens. Jack is delighted when clients who claim “not to know how to draw” are satisfied with their artistic creations at the end of a tour. While, Adelaïde loves meeting the people in her groups, sparking their curiosity and adding value to their visit.

Adélaïde and Jack lives in :
Paris, France
Anglais/English, Français/French