Originally from the East of France, I studied between France and abroad, in modern languages ??(German, English, Spanish), history, and town planning, a field in which I worked the first chapter of my professional life in the Bordeaux region, a city with which I fell madly in love when I was 18 and where I came to settle permanently with great joy when I was 25. As the human contact with internationals fascinated me as much as the rich history and heritage of the city, I have done guided tours since 2015 (volunteering) before retaking my professional guide license in 2019, to fully invest myself in this adventure include it in a professional framework which corresponds to my desires and my values. Introducing the Territory through meetings and practical workshops with local players: here is the whole philosophy of my Bordeaux Discoveries concept brand. What I like most about this job is the contact with clients, the intercultural exchanges when we talk about our respective lives and countries, the privileged personal link in the private tours, which I organize with my vehicle, during wine tours, and tailor-made stays. My favorite themes? History (medieval Bordeaux, the urban development turn under the golden age of Bordeaux in the 18th century, man's relationship to the Garonne river), multi-faceted Bordeaux (Bordeaux Bourgeois, Bordeaux Décontracté). I am passionate about the Human, travel, psychology, Art History, and urban sociology!

Diane lives in :
Bordeaux, France
Allemand/German, Français/French, Anglais/English, Espagnol/Spanish